Here are the elements that may be useful to your application. This is not a complete application. These are parts of applications that are adapted for reuse and will make your application better. I support all projects in current versions, if an update comes out - you can always get the current version by contact me.

Swift UI Card

  $30 Buy

Interactive cards in SwiftUI.
Tap gester with spring animations. Rotations and paddings with hard light mode. 3D animatable transform for back cards.

Dialog UIDinamic

  $20 Buy

Implement interactive animation for dialog. You can set any dialog. Without storyboard, ready reusable in any project.
Using gester recognizer + UIDinamicAnimator with Behaivors. Use last swift.

Recipes Collections

  $80 Buy

Custom cells and animatable higlighted cells. Two type + user collection cell. Animated shadow movement when clicked. The shadow is use content in the cell.