On this page you can find ready-made applications. I advise you to see the preview in order to understand how the application looks. Some applications are available in the AppStore. I sell source code for educational purposes only. For all projects I use Swift. If you want to buy several projects - contact me

Without storyboards.
Support: Dark mode, CloudKit sync, Realm database, All changes apply animatable, Apple Watch target with CloudKit (no watch connectivity, no need contact with iPhone), all orientations, iPad version and other. Also include design sources.
Soon add for free Mac application.

If you can help translate app to any language, please,contact me - I propose big discount for your work.

Money Box

  $90 Buy

Without storyboards. Custom toolbar and native design. Support iPad, Dark Mode, custom collections, split and landscape orientations. Also using mehanic of database with animatable remove items in collection. Also add tint-managment for modal presentatons.

WITH TRANSFER TO YOUR ACCOUNT (app approved). Without storyboards. This app features tutorials for iOS Developer such as Apple Watch support, renewable subscriptions, text formatting, collection views & more. App has been localized for Russian audience too.


  $90 Buy

This application features use of gestures and displays nice wallpapers. View preview for more information.


  $80 Buy

This is a simple app to help you relax by playing high quality soothing sounds. You can also combine multiple sound clips to create your own unique combination. This also features In App Purchases.

Swipe Places

  $50 Buy

App where you can discover places such as restaurants, bakery, pharmacy etc. Features interesting animations.